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Exilis Treatment

The Exilis Difference

Quickly Melt Fat & Tighten Skin – Treat the Early Signs Of Aging & Unwanted Fat! Success by Design is proud to offer Exilis®. Exilis® is a revolutionary, best in its class, non-surgical body contouring and wrinkle removing treatment. Exilis® is safe, painless and, best of all, presents no downtime after each brief office session. Not only will your fat cell volume decrease, but your skin will become tighter and younger looking.

The Exilis Difference

Exilis® precisely targets deeper fat layers while contact cooling regulates the temperature of the skin and protects dermal structures. Depth of penetration far exceeds other devices. Exilis® can go 28mm deep, while other treatments available typically only go about 8mm deep.

The Advanced Cooling System allows for targeting the exact depth of penetration and protects the skin, ensuring the ultimate in patient safety. Patients are thrilled with circumferential reductions ranging from 1-4 inches of volume loss after 4-6 treatment sessions spaced 1/2 week intervals. Exilis® is ideal for those seeking a non-invasive way of dealing with stubborn fat, the appearance of cellulite and lax skin.

Exilis® delivers the highest power in its class while virtually eliminating risk of skin burns. Exilis® offers a comfortable treatment: due to the unique combination of the most advanced Monopolar Radio Frequency and Advanced Cooling, the energy is delivered to the patient with the least discomfort possible.

•  No numbing creams are needed. •  Exilis® takes less time to see amazing results! (Best results are seen in just 4-6 30 minute sessions.) •  All skin types respond to treatment. •  ZERO downtime.



The Exilis® therapist guides the handle over the treatment area. A deep heating sensation is felt as the technician heats up the skin and underlying fat. The temperature is easily controlled to provide a comfortable and relaxed experience. Many clients describe Exilis® treatment as similar to a hot stone massage.


Body contouring and fat melting can be performed on the arms, back, stomach, buttocks, knees, things and neck. Skin tightening can be performed virtually everywhere including the entire face.

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